CDFU’s 20 years of transforming communities.

CDFU@20 Messages of gratitude

Children should be given milk daily.
Rock Point 256 Pokot actors at CDFU’s makeshift studio in Lochengenge, Amudat District during the recording of the _Rock Point 256_ radio serial drama in Pokot.

The secret to being a real man is always to support your family with chores. try!
Real men don’t beat their wives.
A visit to Unyama village. Meet Esther Asello CDFU’s community activist and a champion to End Violence Against Women and Girls
Listen in to our malaria champion Nyiramugisha Abigail Lillian with a powerful message to eliminate malaria out of our communities. “Together we can achieve a malaria free Uganda.” #EndMalaria

Honoring Women in Napak District on International Women’s Day 2021

Stop Violence
HIV treatment
Access to Essential Services 1
Myths & Misconceptions
Are you a woman